Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Internet Resale

Sold out the tickets for the League Classic (April 16) and the Spanish Cup Final (April 20), the crookedness has already begun to run on different web sites. Real Madrid and Catalans fans with tickets in hand, want to do business, reselling through some advertising portals. Everything goes to sell the sites and make extra money.

For the League match, seats of the fourth amphitheater, whose initial price is 70 euros, is asking 250. "Two free tickets buying two pens for the modest price of 500 euros". Others prefer to put only their phone and agree the final price. And there are already offering up to a pack with the semifinals of Champions League included: "Special Offer: Buy a pen and get two tickets, at the third amphitheatre, for the League match and the Champions League semifinal; 500 euros per subscription". Another way to pay the subscription for next season. Members can also opt for transfer policy that has Real Madrid, which also have an extra discount for next season. The members prefer to sell to the highest bidder and this is accomplished through Internet.

For the Cup Final, resale rises further. The official prices of the tickets ranged from 80 euros and 250. Real Madrid and Barcelona have distributed all prices tickets and the Spanish Federation has taken the most expensive (from 160 to 250 euros). Furthermore, these days the Federation has lost 500 tickets that is still looking for and does not know where went...

As a claim to the Cup Final, is specified in what area are the tickets, if they belong where has been located the Barcelona crowd (north), Real Madrid fans (south) or is neutral. "I have two tickets in the neutral zone for 550 euros each" are offered without pens, lighters and balloons involved. Another is willing to negotiate the price: "I sell pen and gift a ticket to the Cup final, located in sector 7; 750 euros. I listen to offers. I request and I offer responsibility".

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