History: Real Madrid Uniform

The article number 18 of the original statutes of the Real Madrid Football Club stated that "the regulation uniform will be, for regular matches; Dark trouser, short and straight, white jersey and dark socks. And for special matches will be trouser and jersey white, black socks with loops and belt in the national colors". Finally, the second option was elected for all matches. Until then, players wore clothes, consisting of trousers and shirts white. The teams were differentiated through cross-bands on the chest with colors red and blue, the same used by "Basque pelota" players, which however came off easily. The Real Madrid, as the oldest club in Madrid, chose to dress entirely in white, something that 109 years later remains.

Real Madrid: First Uniform (1902)

Throughout history, the Madrid team has always had the white jersey in his first kit (the second began to be always the same since 1952). However, there was a time in which the color of the jersey and trousers did not match. It was in 1925-26 season, and the initiative of the players Ecobal and Quesada. Both were traveling in England and were set in London Corinthians dress, one of the most famous teams of the moment. English team was known by elegance and sportsmanship in the game. In an attempt to look like the English, was decided that the team dressed in black trousers, but the change would last only one season. After falling in the semifinals of the Spanish Cup against Barcelona when they lost by 1-5 ​​in Madrid and 2-0 in Barcelona, President Parages decided to return to pure white after accusing the kits to give bad luck. Years later another England team, Leeds United, changed its blue shirt to the white after the final in which Real Madrid won Eintracht Frankfurt by 7-3 at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Real Madrid: Black trousers (1925)

Until 1952 not began to be used, on a regular way, the same second kit. Real Madrid, until then, used to wear jerseys in different shades of blue and white or dark blue trousers. From the moment the second jersey became common, Madrid team has used many different models. Primarily, the suits have been blue or purple, but other colors such as black (team played and won the final of the European Cup in 2000) and even red. 

Real Madrid wore an all red uniform in three European competition matches during the 70's. The first was on March 10, 1971 in the quarter-finals of the 1970-1971 European Cup Winners Cup against Cardiff City Football Club. The macth ended with defeat 1-0. The second time was on April 14 in that year in the semifinals of the same competition against PSV Eindhoven. The result was a tie 0-0. The third and last time that Real Madrid dressed in red, but this time with white socks, was on March 7, 1973 in the quarter-finals of the 1972-1973 European Cup against Dynamo Kiev in Odessa, finishing the game with a tied result 0-0, thanks to the great performance of goalkeeper Mariano Garcia Remon.

Real Madrid: Red Kit (1973)

The real revolution in football jerseys, arrived in the 80's. At that time, players begin to use models in short sleeves for summer, in addition to joining the brands and sponsors, which would become an important source of income for clubs. In addition, cotton jerseys give way to synthetic fabrics searching greater comfort for the player. Evolution has not stopped and now the jerseys are made of new materials that are breathable and favor the player comfort.

Real Madrid: Adidas (1981)

In 1997 teams began to have also a third kit marked by innovative models. Thus, in 2001 the team used a curious gray shirt, while in 1997 showed a shirt divided in four and in which the white was combined with the purple. Moreover, in recent years have added little memorials details in every season. The shield of the best team of twenty-first century, the logo of the 50th anniversary of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the nine European Cups... Small details for a jersey with a great story.

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