Spanish League: Day 31


Real Madrid resolved with an unexpected authority a rare match. The white team played in a strange way, with an amazing lineup. Mourinho made ​​a mess and Athletic's coach, Caparros, was left without responding to a Madrid that gave the ball without any disguise, resigned to create and develop football, and played on the counter attack to keep the wire of life that still remains in the League . With that philosophy, won at San Mames in a game that could beat more forcefully if Higuain and Di Maria would have been more inspired in the shots. Two goals from Kaka decided the result. The Brazilian converted two penalties committed on Di Maria, the best of his team. Cristiano, who played only the last half hour, scored the other goal.

Athletic was a vulgar team on defense, did not exist in the center of the field and sank in the attack. Bilbao lacked clarity and had too much haster. Local team went out past revolutions and became embroiled in a melee that doomed it. With a lineup with more muscle than talent, something convenient for Real Madrid, red-white team decided not to use the ball as an offensive weapon. Athletic was wrong, Caparrós was wrong and the match was an unexpected downhill for Madrid. Was enough some order, not to lose concentration, get intensity on all its actions and the verticality of Di Maria, to get rid of a strikingly harmless Athletic. With this attitude of the locals, no one went worse than Fernando Llorente, totally disconnected from the rest of the team and outside the party.

Mourinho surprised with a lineup that went beyond the rotations, it was a revolution. Ramos, Albiol, Arbeloa and Garay formed the defense. Ahead of them stood Pepe, who was a central defense when Athletic attacked. Lass stood to his right and Granero on the left. Kaka appeared as playmaker with Higuain and Di Maria exchanging positions. The stakes could not have gone better to Mourinho, who reserved players and won three points with unexpected ease.

Great Kaka's performance against Bilabo
Kaka scored two goals against Athletic Bilbao

The Portuguese coach designed a lineup and imagined a game that perhaps only he could see. The picture of his intentions was finished completing with Di Maria, Iraizoz and Kaka at 13 minutes. The goalkeeper made ​​a clear penalty on the Argentine and the Brazilian scored the first goal. Insecurity and doubts were multiplied in Athletic Bilbao which never found a way of hurting Madrid, attacking with a very direct game, forgetting the sides. Attacks too predictable and easy to defend.

Real Madrid lived comfortably until the end on the counter attack and was able to kill the game in the first half. Overwhelmed on defense, Athletic could go thrashed to the break. Higuain wasted two very clear opportunities. First, missed the duel one to one with Iraizoz and then was unable to score from outside the area into the empty net after a poor start of the goalkeeper. In this game of mistakes, Di Maria forgave two goals. One due to a poor control that prevented him define well. And another after stealing a ball. San Jose, Bilbao defender, tried to haggle the striker on the edge of the area. The action was completed by Di Maria with a deflected shot. Four clear chances to which a Kaka's opportunity near the break. Athletic gave no answer. Only a Muniain's shot that cleared Casillas. A job too easy for Madrid against disappointing Athletic.

The inertia in which the match moved, unchanged in the second half. Athletic did not tickle Madrid and the white team completed the task with two new goals. Kaka, who performed at a high level, scored a new penalty committed also on Di Maria. This time Castilllo pushed the Argentine after he slashed him in the area. Cristiano Ronaldo completed the scoring. The Portuguese had replaced the exhausted Higuain. A good goal after dribble San Jose in the area and beat easily Iraizoz.

No news about Athletic, except a shot of Toquero, and the match was consumed without any major surprises for Madrid. The most notable were the changes: Xabi Alonso and Carvalho replaced Di Maria and Garay. That's how quiet Real Madrid ended its journey through San Mames.


Stadium: San Mamés
Attendance: 40,000
Goals: 0-1, min.13: Kaká (penalty) 0-2, min.53: Kaká (penalty) 0-3, min.70: Cristiano Ronaldo.

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