Champions League (Quarterfinals, 2nd Leg): Mourinho

Jose Mourinho addressed the media after Real Madrid's 0-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane in the Champios League Quarterfinals. He spoke about the team classification for semifinals but also about the matches against Barcelona in the coming days.

Mourinho at press conference before Tottenham match
Jose Mourinho

"We are a young team without much experience. This project is still under construction, but I nevertheless think it's normal for us to reach the semifinals because it's part of Real Madrid history to do so".

"Each one of our games against Barcelona will be different. I don't think they should have an effect on each other. My theory is very basic: you play one and then start to prepare for the next. Tomorrow, I'll start to think about Saturday's Clasico, not about the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) Final".

Mourinho told reporters that he will have to "practice with 10 players" to deal with the Catalan side, referring to the expulsions that his teams have suffered when faced Barcelona. "I will test with 10 players and play with 10, because I always have sent off a player against them. It happened with Chelsea and Inter, and can happen again", said the Portuguese coach.

"You should ask journalists if we've achieved our goals, since they know about so many things and always generate opinions. I know how football is: you have nothing if you don't win. That's why it isn't enough to reach the Copa del Rey final or the Champions League semis. You need something else".

"I get suspended if I do something to clear my men from bookings. I didn't want to do so after our 4-0 victory at the Bernabeu. My greatest concern was having three defenders with a booking. I didn't even call up Albiol for the first leg, Pepe was the next to fall, and now it is Carvalho who will not play the first leg of the semifinal; but he will be in the return match. Some manage to clear players from their bookings and others don't".

"Only the President of Real Madrid can put a stop to Milan's endeavours to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a tremendous player and I don't think anyone can afford to pay what he's worth, but only Florentino Perez has the final say in this".

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