Preview: Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Real Madrid and Barcelona shields
Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Placed the pieces on the board, the first consideration is that Real Madrid and Barcelona face the game tonight without holding anything back, such as if after today would not be world nor the Spanish Cup Final next Wednesday. That generosity (apparent) at the time of raising the battle is great news for the show, but it is intriguing. It is difficult to believe that two good strategists such as Mourinho and Guardiola, when face four Classics, have not distinguished between each other. And today should be the least important of all them, especially for Barcelona, unless they think that each match will be sports and emotionally connected to the next, or unless the plan, savage and primitive, is none other than the annihilation of the opponent.

Pepe returns to the fold following his suspension against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday. Benzema and Khedira have also made Mourinho's the cut for the match following their league suspensions last weekend. Karanka, who makes efforts to look bad, chanted Mourinho's speech and then said that the delivery of training bibs had been randomized (Pepe, Di Maria and Benzema did not dress as starters), what makes us bet on a team with them and Marcelo in the midfield, without missing any star: Xabi and Cristiano (no goals in six games against Barcelona).That is, luxury starting lineup, with the only caution of Arbeloa on Messi, if Messi does not surprise relocating himself to the forward position or in midfield with Xavi, because Guardiola has tested all in the "Classics" and with undoubted success.

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has recovered centre back Puyol for the match, but won't be able to count on Bojan and Abidal. Mascherano will also miss the game due to suspension. New faces on the squad list save for Puyol are youth teamers Dos Santos and Thiago. The novelty is already known: Busquets as central defense. It is in that position and in the left defense with Maxwell where there are the only two fissures of Barcelona, ​​which in its last five victories against Real Madrid was always accompanied by Puyol, Valdés, Alves and Messi.

As always, the midfield duel seems decisive. Without Lass (injured) and Granero (suspended), Mourinho will need the work of Marcelo and Di Maria in the defense and football creatiion. Guardiola's obsession is to avoid the withering counter-attacks of Madrid.

Real Madrid are currently the best home side in the championship with 14 wins in 15 fixtures at the Bernabeu; they've scored 46 goals and conceded only 7 at the stadium. On the other hand, Barcelona are the best visiting side in the competition thanks to earning 13 victories and two draws outside Camp Nou; they have netted 43 strikes and conceded just 6 as visitors.

  • Warning: May occur sometinhg as described or completely different. Because, although there is no top hats in sight, do not dismiss that tonight we will see some rabbits out.
  • 5-0: The result of the first round could weigh on the game. Has Madrid learned the lesson? Will prepare Mourinho something special? Can Barcelona have the same ambition?
  • Barcelona defense, with Abidal injured, Mascherano suspended and Puyol out of fitness, will be tested by an attack that moves at the speed of light.

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