Tottenham vs Real Madrid: A 22 million euros match

Real Madrid not only will play in London for the pass to semifinals of the Champions League. After sporting achievement is hidden a succulent money prize. If Madrid asserts the result of the Bernabeu and gets into semifinals (round that team could reach for the first time since 2003), will receive a prize of 4.2 million euros. Amount which must be added those obtained by whites since the tournament began on 15 September 2010, with a win at the Bernabeu against Ajax.

If Real Madrid overcomes the tie with Tottenham, would remain like the team that has won more money from the UEFA Champions League this year, thanks to its performance in the group stage. In it, white team earned, as the other 31 teams, 3.9 million euros fixed and a bonus of 550,000 euros per game played (in total, 3.3 million more). And Madrid added 4.4 million by results (five wins and a draw).

UEFA Champions League

By qualifying for the last-16 knockout stage, the prize was 3 million, which now must be added the 3.3 of the quarterfinals. If we add the 4.2 by playing the semifinals, Madrid would have won no less than 22.1 million euros. An amount that could still increases by 5.6 million, if Madrid reachs the final and loses, or 9, if team manages to lift the trophy in the final at Wembley on May 28.

To this amount must be added the 'market pool' or market share that each club receives in terms of the agreements reached with the television stations that broadcast the tournament in their countries. This fee, which will not be known until the conclusion of the tournament, tends to be higher in countries like Germany or England. For example, in 2009, Barcelona (tournament champion) joined by this concept about 8 million euros for the 18 of Manchester United (runners-up).

Last season, Inter won the title and led the money list with 48.7 million euros; 29 by sports scores and 19.6 of its 'market pool'. Bayern, runner-up, earned 44.8 million, with 19 from the TV. In any case, it is a second incentive that converts a good European campaign in a highly profitable investment.

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