League (Day 31): Kaka reactions


The Brazilian said Real Madrid can win Barcelona on any of the four matches that are going to play in the coming weeks because Barcelona is not an unbeatable team.


What do the two goals you have scored in San Mames mean?
"Two goals are good for my self-confidence, two very important goals".

Is it true that you want to go?
"I know the truth of my injury. Some people took advantage of my absence to say that I wanted to go and it is not true. I want to succeed in Madrid".

How are you assimilating the criticism that you are getting from the fans?
"I understand the fans. I hope that with time and with big games, I could "conquer" again the fans. I only ask that they give me time".

And on Saturday you will face Barcelona. After the 5-0 in the first round do you think you can win?
"Real Madrid can win against Barcelona. They are not unbeatable. The match is a World Classic and we have to believe we can win the League, the Champions and the Spanish Cup".

How is your relationship with Mourinho?
"My relationship with the coach is very good. People say many things that are not true, but I have no problem with Mourinho and I thank him and the entire technical committee, the work they are doing with me".

Champions, League or Cup?
"I want all".

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