Four Real Madrid vs Barcelona... in 1916

In the coming days await four "Classic", but it is not the first time something like that happens. Moreover, the origin of the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona lies precisely in four legendary matches that both clubs played in the Spanish Cup in 1916. Three of them were held in April, as is the case on this occasion. Until then, there was no a very large antagonism between them. They do not even occupy the highest place in the rankings, a place that, until the Civil War, was owned by Athletic de Bilbao.

Template of Real Madrid in season 1915-1916
Real Madrid 1916

Spanish Cup semi-final in 1916 faced Barcelona and Real Madrid, the leading candidates to unseat the champion, Athletic de Bilbao. In Barcelona, ​​the Catalans won the match by 2-1, but in the second leg, white team beat 4-1.According to the regulations of the time, there was not goal difference, so a third match had to be played. And so began a rivalry that if it dies, it's because football is also dead.

At that time, the teams were amateurs and had to cut costs, so that the third meeting was held two days after the previous, also in Madrid. The tiredness of the players favored for fans to enjoy an epic match and insurmountable emotion: Match needed an extension that did not solve anything, because the final scorewas a draw 6-6, a scoreboard, contrary to popular belief , so unusual at the time such as now. The regulation time ended 4-4, after several ups and downs in the score. In overtime, Real Madrid scored first, but Barcelona managed to get ahead with two goals. However, three minutes from time, Santiago Bernabeu scored a penalty. It was the third penalty the whites throwing in the match, one of whom had been failed by the future president.

The fourth and final match was held the next day, a football marathon unparalleled today. Bernabéu missed a penalty just before the final and could not prevent the draw 2-2 before the ninety minutes. In the extension, the Real Madrid scored twice, but the Catalans felt that the second goal had been achieved in an offside position and they left the field with seven minutes to play, so the locals were classified for final they would lose against the great Athletic Bilbao (4-0).

Thus began a long series of mutual recriminations by favoritism arbitration, which has resonant episodes in the Spanish Cup, and later in the League and European Cup. Those pioneers did not know, but had begun the fiercest rivalry in the history of Spanish football.

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