Real Madrid will pay tribute to Ronaldo Nazario

Real Madrid will pay tribute to Ronaldo Nazario next week in the moments before the match against Sporting. Florentino Perez had long been wishing to pay tribute to one of his galactics and one of the greatest strikers in the history of Real Madrid. Finally, Ronaldo will be in the the Bernabeu next week to receive the love of Real Madrid: "I will go to Madrid because Florentino called me to make me a tribute. It will do in the match against Sporting Gijon. If the match is played on Friday, I will arrive in the morning", said former Brazilian striker.

Ronaldo Nazario
Ronaldo Nazario broke his silence after announcing his retirement from football on 14 February. His first interview in Spain was last night in an evening radio program.

On 14 February, Valentine's Day, announced your retirement. Did it on purpose?
No, then I thought (laughs). I lived other things on 14 February. My second serious knee injury, for example. The no-wedding was on 12 February (laughs) ...

Has your life changed since you left football?
Yes, because I have lived all my life playing football and being a protagonist. Now I'm not going to be more. I shall miss it very much for those moments.

You cried in your farewell. Did you remember many things at that time?
It cost me a lot. Last year I played a few games because I am hurt a lot. Small lesions, but annoying. This year I prepared the season pretty well, but reinjured and always played with discomfort. I was a little tired of suffering, to reach the field without the conditions to be decisive. The head was fine, I thought I had speed, trying the dribble but the defense got before... It was hard because it has been my life.

Professional football has consequences, right?
Requires too much. My knees are bad. Now I attend many meetings, I see the executives who sit and cross their legs and I can not bend them...

Now that you're not going to train, there comes a game day and you are not there, that you do not go with the national team... Do you feel a little dizzy?
The first week I left the game, I tried three times to go to the gym and do some exercise, but at the last minute I decided to stay lying on in the couch. I thought: "I have trained hard in my life". It has been two months and still have not done any training. Sure I will do it again because I'm an athlete.

You just spend a few days in Madrid. Did you see Kaka? Is he sad?
Yes, he is a great friend. We were having dinner together. He had recurrence of the knee, so I gave him encouragement. The important thing is that the club and colleagues are with him. Being injured is already very difficult, and when a club and people do not believe it, is worse. Madrid believes him and gives him all the confidence in the world. He will recover, I do not know when, but will be decisive.

Ronaldo and Kaka

Do you see him the next season in Madrid? Teams in Italy and England want him...
A year ago was the best in the world. It has been a tough year, but he will recover. For me, he will not move becuase he is in the best club in the world.

Where have you been happiest?
I've been happy at all sites. When I was in a team, I wore the shirt and gave my life for it. Where I scored more goals was wearing the shirt of Real Madrid. I celebrated with them many goals.

Your heart is white?
Absolutely. I had a history of respectful relationship with Madrid. Inevitably, I have great esteem and affection.

And what about Barcelona?
I was only a year and it was spectacular, but I went wrong because the president (Nuñez) fool me and I went to Inter. The current team, how it plays, is a spectacle. How touching, how to play each other. And has a little boy who does incredible things...

Mourinho or Guardiola?
Mourinho. We live in Barcelona where he helped to Robson. I knew him well, is a great person, happy and fun.

What player do you like in Real Madrid?
Cristiano. I like players who are killers, if they see a space, shooting and scoring goals.

Do you mind the coincidence of names?
Why? It helps us that Ronaldo is out there in people's mouths.

People love you in Spain. Why he is booed?
People also whistled me, including Raul. The greatest there, the idol of Madrid.

Will Barcelona win the League?
I do not know, Barcelona is going well. Possibly will be champions but there will be many "classics" and that can change everything. I have to go to one...

Now what do you do? Do you work as manager?
I do not want to compete with players' representatives, there are many. My company runs a player's career in advertising and image. An important sector for the future. It will generate a lot of money. With the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, there will be many opportunities.

Who takes your heart right now?
I'm married. Bia is my wife and I have four children. Ronald measures 1.74m (11 years). He is encouraged to start playing. The others are Lex, María Sophia and María Alice.

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