Mourinho: World's highest-paid coach

Jose Mourinho is the coach who has won more money in 2010, 13.5 million euros in revenue, followed by Barcelona's coach Josep Guardiola with 10.5 million and the Spanish Rafael Benitez, the former Inter Milan coach, with 10.2 million. Fabio Capello (8.5 million), Alex Ferguson (6.9 million) and Arsene Wenger (6.6 million) who training in England, complete the top, but are far from what is paid in Spain.

Mourinho was the world's highest-paid coach in 2010
Mourinho and Guardiola

The best coaches earn, therefore, almost a third part of the best players, but top earners athletes are not in world football. 'France Football' shows that with his 31 million revenue, Messi is the seventh highest paid athlete in the world, a ranking led by Tiger Woods with 53 million euros. The second highest paid athlete is also American golfer Phil Mickelson (40 million) and the third is the Formula One driver Michael Schumacher (39 million).

"France Football" also states that the classification of the highest paid footballers is the youngest since it is produced, with an average of 25.1 years in the top three spots. It also notes a drop in revenue from the podium of the list with 79.2 million compared with 93.4 last year, when there was an absolute record. However, to enter in the "Top 20" of "France Football" this year was necessary to win more money, 11.3 million compared to just over 10 in previous editions.

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