Benzema vs Villa: Other duel

The excellent goalscorer sequence of Karim Benzema, 10 goals in the final eight games of Real Madrid, has enabled the French to match the scorer record of David Villa. At this point, both added 21 goals in League, Spanish Cup and Champions League. Real Madrid striker has balanced a battle that, not so long ago, seemed almost decanted for the blue and red striker.

Karim Benzema

The gap between Benzema and Villa has gone in a few weeks. The French is, with Messi, the best scorer in the second round of the League (nine goals), while the last goal by Villa came in week 25 in Mallorca. Since then, four matches of League and one of the Champions League without a goal.

Interestingly, the comparison between the two attackers was fueled by José Mourinho. It was October 26, 2010, at the press conference before the visit of Real Madrid to Alicante, while he explained the inclusion in the list of Benzema: "He is called, but is not playing well. But there are teams that have players that also have a hard time and not score a goal against anyone".

Beyond the amounts paid by Madrid and Barcelona, 36 and 40 million euros respectively, the recipient of Mou's dart was evident. At that time, Villa totaled two goals in the League for only one of Benzema. However, the words seemed to spur “Guaje” Villa who, from that time, began to improve his numbers dramatically. In fact, now totals 17 goals in the League, with four doubles and shared the podium with the stratospheric top scorers Cristiano and Leo Messi. 

Benzema takeoff was delayed in time. In fact, after Gonzalo Higuain's injury, Mourinho insisted on signing a striker, considering that Karim did not offer sufficient guarantee for goals. And it was with the arrival of Emmanuel Adebayor when Benzema started to score goals more often. The day of Adebayor´s landing in Madrid, Benzema drew a jewel in the first semifinal macth against Sevilla and although 'Manu' seemed to take the lead with two goals, against Sevilla on the second leg and against Real Sociedad in League, Benzema had a chance and took it. Goal against Levante in a minor duel prior to the Champions League visit to Lyon. At Gerland, stadium that saw him become a footballer, reached the definitive turning point. Adebayor was supplied by Karim and in just a minute, he stole the ball and after a great slalom, made the 0-1. Florentino raised his hands to the head.

While in League Villa clearly wins the match by 17-10, Benzema exceeds "Guaje" in Champions 6-3 and Spanish Cup 5-1. The French has only played more minutes than Spanish in the KO tournament: 490-254. In the League the Barcelona player dominates 2305-1406 and in the European competition by 548-357. Which, at this stage of the season, made ​​Benzema a more effective striker: scores every 107 minutes and Villa needs 147.

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