League (Day 29): Cristiano and Casillas reactions


"The team played very well in a complicated match, especially in the second half, during which we felt exhaustion. I was very nervous while watching the game from the bench when the score was 2-1 because I'm not used to following a game from there."

"I'm not 100% fit and it was a difficult game for me. Those who know me could tell I wasn't myself during the match, especially in the second half. I think I've got an injury of some sort. We'll see what shows up in the scan."

Cristiano Ronaldo was relevated by Adebayor on the match against Atletico Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo visited today the clinic "Sanitas La Moraleja" where has undergone an MRI to check the status of his left hamstring, the muscle that is giving him problems in recent days.

Ronaldo ended the derby with pain and swelling in the affected area as the club announced in a medical report published on its website. The player's physical condition makes him doubtful for the call to Portugal, like Carvalho, although in principle they will travel with the medical report.


"We'll lose against Atletico some day, but I hope it arrives as late as possible. Atletico pressurised much more and had more chances on goal. The final score may be unfair."

"Goalkeepers are there to make saves. I managed to pull off most of them due more to positioning than to concentration. They weren't very spectacular. Atletico didn't capitalise on their chances and we did. We are good at scoring goals and used this to our advantage. Benzema has changed radically and we are all delighted about it because he is a phenomenal person. I hope he keeps it up for a long time."

"The team feels slightly tired after playing so many important games. We've earned numbers worthy of a champion side. We're solid and firm. We have to keep this up. Complicated away games against Sevilla, Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao wait in store for us. Tonight we won and took three points. We must now think about our match against Sporting Gijon."

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