Cristiano: "I'm sick of this injury"

Cristiano went yesterday evening to the Portuguese town of Óbidos (10:10 pm) to be reviewed by Henrique Jones, head of medical services of his national team, the relapse he suffered last Saturday at Calderon Stadium. After assessing his physical condition, Paulo Bento decided to release him so he could return to Madrid and continue with the rehabilitation. "I'm very limited. The doctor saw the pictures and the resonance and confirmed that I am not well. I want to recover one hundred percent, I do not want it any longer days because I'm sick of this injury", said Cristiano.

Cristiano Ronaldo arrives to Óbidos to be examinated by the Portuguese doctors
Obidos: Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid star pulled out of the pitch on Saturday, accusing the injury that forced him to miss the games against Racing (1-3) at El Sardinero and Hercules (2-0) at the Bernabeu. After the scan he underwent hours later, it was determined that the Portuguese suffered a grade 1 hamstring injury in the femoral biceps of the left leg with edema and liquid component. The estimated injury time will be two to three weeks, so he will miss two friendlies with Portugal and probably the next league match against Sporting Gijón. At this time, the striker is undergoing physiotherapy.

Carvalho also traveled to Óbidos to be examined by team doctors because he ended the derby with a concussion in the lumbosacral region and a tightness in the right hamstring muscles. However, it was determined that his condition was not sufficiently significant to not recover in time to play the two games, so he was not released.

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