Interview: Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas was again displayed, as a great captain, reviewing all topics of national team and Real Madrid. About the tributes that is receiving the members of the Spanish national team, the goalkeeper said: "If Iniesta had not score the goal in that World Cup final, this would not be happening. We have been champions and all that comes is great".

Although Spain has not offered its best performance in recent games, the ambition has not been lost: "After the World Cup it was hard to start and so the negative results we have picked. But we are living the golden age of Spanish football and is the desire to win the next European Championship, something that has never succeeded".

Iker Casillas
Iker Casillas

The strike that threatens to Spanish football is a black spot: "At the end there will be dialogue and it will be solved. We know that football has become a business but the views should be approached for the benefit of all". If there's League match against Sporting, it could be played on Friday, April 1: "We have to take into account the fans and I guess Sporting fans will prefer to play on Saturday because they have already planned the trip".

Mourinho is very critical to the development of the schedule and timetables of League: "I do not believe in conspiracies but it is true that there are dates that are a bit illogical. But it is mounted in this way". Mourinho's arrival has changed many things in Madrid: "Before I meet him, he looks weird, but now I'm 24 hours a day with him and I can say is an outstanding person and as coach you only have to see his data. I will stick up for him".

Casillas and Mourinho in Valdebebas during a training
Iker Casillas and Mourinho

A crazy month of April is arriving, with four possible "classics" against a sweeping Barcelona: "It is true that we live a painful 2-6 at the Bernabeu, but that was also marked by the sporting trouble that Real Madrid was living. But we must not forget that Barcelona also went wrong in the first five years of this decade".

Real Madrid continues alive in three competitions: "The season is being good for us and if we win a title, it will be perfect". Tottenham is waiting in the quarterfinals of the Champions League: "I do not trust. Spurs have eliminated Milan and can also give us a scare. We have overcome the psychological barrier of last-16 and it has made us stronger". Spanish Cup final is approaching: "To win this competition has a special flavor. It is a beautiful moment, with both dedicated fan crows. And this time are cited the two biggest teams in Spain. It is the best final".

About the affair of doping, he was blunt: "It bothers me that Real Madrid was acknowledged on a subject as distasteful. I think that in a team-sport like football, players do not need this kind of substances".

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