Higuain works hard to help Real Madrid

There is no stoppages due to national teams games or days of rest for Gonzalo Higuain. The Argentine, since the beginning of the year, develops a routine apart from the rest of his teammates. "Pipita" is working every day to leave behind the aftermath of a hernia operation. On the horizon there is a date: April 20. And a dream: to be available to Jose Mourinho the day of the Spanish Cup Final.

Higuain in working hard to play the final matches of the season with Real Madrid
Gonzalo HIguain

For Higuain, a simply travel to Valencia (Mestalla Stadium) would be as a prize. Operated in New York on January 11, the striker is now more than four months without being a footballer. Working alone both at home and in Valdebebas, gradually conquering small milestones, which have become big steps for a player in his situation. As the day he turned to walk on the grass, on March 2.

Since then, Pipita has continued progressing. Slowly, patiently, day by day. The challenge of the Cup Final motivates him, more collectively than individually. Because being able to play in that game is very complicated, mainly due to lack of pace. But Higuain dreams to travel, to be part of the group, to encourage his peers in a final full of attractions. When will he play? Surely, in early May.

A possible return against Barcelona, also will close the cycle of Higuain's injury. The first match he could not play was in the league, the first leg against Barcelona, on the famous 5-0. In the previous day, the twelfth, he lent his last service to Madrid, the goal that opened the scoring against Athletic Bilbao. That day, November 20, 2010, his back had enough. It was the beginning of a nightmare whose end is approaching.

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