Pepe: "I have not renewed, but everything is on track"

Pepe, who is concentrated in Obidos with Portugal national team, confirmed yesterday that has not signed his new contract with Real Madrid (now ends in 2012): "I have not renewed, but everything is on track". As was said by people close to the club, the player would earn almost four million euros per season: "The situation is much better than two months ago. I have one year left on my contract and I want to prove myself. I talked with the board and we are very close to reach an agreement. I think I will continue, as was my desire".

Pepe's first day in white

After a year of talks, the renewal of Pepe reached an impasse in which none of the parties was willing to reach an agreement. Pepe did not understand that the club did not assess that he accepted a low salary by how expensive was the transfer Oporto-Real Madrid (30 million). He earns less than other players of lower rank. The club offered the defense, who currently is one of the players with the lowest salary of teamplate (1.8 million), raising his salary to 3.5 million. The player's agent made a first counteroffer of 5 million euros which was quickly rejected by Real Madrid

The Pepe's renewal for the Real Madrid was in dead point and that had made the big European teams were interested in him. Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal were interested in the Portuguese central defender.

He also commented the criticism he received after the match against Lyon for his toughness with Lisandro: "I never injured anyone. I dispute every ball with maximum intensity".

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