Real Madrid vs Tottenham: Prices from 60 to 250 euros

Against Olympique Lyon were a good number of people in the Bernabéu (78,500 spectators), but a thousand seats were left unoccupied. Many fans complain about the high price of tickets, but the club argues that it is in the Champions League where Real Madrid should reward the loyalty of the 38,000 subscribers to European parties (they are free access in this competition, having paid their dues in summer).

High price of tickets for the Real Madrid-Tottenham match
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

The fact is that for the great match on April 5, Tuesday, Tottenham (first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions), the club has set prices that will discourage those with less purchasing power. The cheapest ticket, for the Fourth Amphitheatre, costs 60 euros. Also, the most expensive, located in the east and west side galleries, goes up to 250. However, these are just the tickets that are often sold before, becuase go to requests from sponsors and healthy companies that pay those prices. If you get into the website of Real Madrid and you click on the VIP tickets, prices go up to 1,000 euros.

The club has been sighted and you can buy tickets for the Real Madrid-Tottenham, despite the fact that there are still 16 days to the meeting. New technologies allow people to buy tickets from the home computer, but the club will also facilitate the purchase of tickets at the box office, which will be open every day at the Bernabeu until 5 April. (Open at 10:00 am and close at 7:00 pm)

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