Real Madrid will sue TV3 (Hyenas video)

Real Madrid, as expected after recent events, will not stand idly by after a video broadcast by TV3 on white team players. The club will take legal action against the Catalan regional TV channel, a decision confirmed by ABC (Spanish newspaper), after the video in which the Catalonian television showed the Real Madrid players as hyenas. (Video)

Real Madrid jersey with a hyena
Real Madrid players were shown like hyenas

Florentino Perez made ​​it clear in his last public appearance, when he came out to deny the cover of MARCA newspapar on the alleged blackmail of the captains: "Real Madrid will not tolerate insults to its members, will not accept the 'all is ok' that has been established in the media to attack anything with a relationship with Real Madrid. There are limits, and anyone that exceeds should answer in court.

This is exactly what will have to do TV3 channel after using public money, including the incoming money from supporters of Real Madrid in Catalonia via taxes, for the broadcasting of a shameful video that shows the inhuman hatred that exists in the Catalonian TV channel against the white club, which is sponsor of FC Barcelona. After demand against the MARCA newspaper reporters, TV3 will also respond to the judge, somethin that is not new. Real Madrid's coach, Jose Mourinho, has also had to go to court to defend himself against attacks from several sport journalists.

To try to calm the situation, once thrown stone, Xavier Valls, the director and host of 'Esport club' (TV program that showed the video) has said that this Friday will apologize for the broadcast: "It was an unfortunate metaphor, we were wrong" has said in a statement in a Catalonian newspaper. Too late. The machinery of justice is underway.


  1. Sue? Real Madrid players are worse than hyenas. That video did not show all the wildness that belongs to Real Madrid.

  2. This kind of behavior on a football field disgust fans and players alike. And it's even worse when Real Madrid has to accept this behavior to win a game .
    Hopefully Michel Platini can learn a lesson and change the rules until is not to late .

  3. Should Barca, hyena's prey, sue the chanel also? They are more humiliated.


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