Jese Rodriguez: Hunting the 'Vulture'

One is a legend. The other, for now, is nothing but a future player. But the beginnings are the same; scoring without stopping in the Real Madrid Castilla. They are Emilio Butragueño and Jese Rodriguez. The young player wants to break the record of the 'El Buitre' ('Vulture'). Emilio holds the scoring record in a season playing for the R.M.Castilla with 21 goals in the 83-84 season, in which the youth squad was champion of the Spanish silver category. Jese has scored 13 in 24 matchdays, but he has played only 21.

Jese Rodriguez at the Real Madrid facilities
Jese Rodriguez

Ahead of Jese Rodriguez there are other gunners, with a best record, who won an opportunity to play for the first Real Madrid team, but he has 18 games remaining to beat them. They are Negredo (16 goals in the 06-07 season), Soldado (20 in 05-06), Morales (14 in 93-94), Rosagro (20 in 88-89) and Aldana (15 in the 89-88).

The young boy knows the numbers and is motivated to destroy them. He knows that the first target of the team is staying in the second Spanish Division for next year, but is also motivated to reach some personal challenges. Last year he lived in the shadow of Joselu and Morata. The first one is playing in the German league and Morata is between Real Madrid first team and the reserves, so he has assumed responsibility for scoring in the youth team.

Jese had a good performance last Monday against Almeria. He scored the first goal of the team with a quick and subtle touch. The ball passed through a cloud of players and ended up in the rival net. He took part of the play in the second goal, scored by Morata, and was about scoring the third after shooting a missile from 35 meters distance that went just wide.

Jese Rodriguez is the top scorer in the Spanish second division and is seeking to force an opportunity to play with the first team. Mourinho was not in favor of giving responsibility to young players but is sure that Jese has not gone unnoticed for the Portuguese coach. Let's wait.

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