Real Madrid has included Casemiro in the European Champions League squad

Carlos Henrique Casemiro, the new signing of Real Madrid who is going to play for the young team (R.M.Castilla) during the rest of the season (he comes on loan but white team has a purchase option), is already in Spain and has landed in surprise. Along with Diego Lopez, Real Madrid has included him in its list of additions for the European Champions League. The Brazilian midfielder, 20, landed yesterday morning in Madrid-Barajas airport and met his new teammates in the training of the young team.

Casemiro at press conference in Sao Paulo
Carlos Henrique Casemiro

Two days ago, before boarding at the airport in Sao Paulo, Casemiro wanted to say goodbye via Twitter and thanks all the people supported him: "Friends, I'm already heading Spain towards a challenge. Firstly, I wanted to thank the support messages. These days I have been busy preparing for the trip and I have not had time to say goodbye to the fans. I also want to send a big hug and thanks to all employees of Sao Paulo, the field operators, the sport facilities managers and all the teammates. They were more than ten years in Sao Paulo, where I grew as a person and as a professional. Now, my life goes on in Madrid and I will give my best for this club. I'm sure I will have your support."

In the white club he will meet Marcelo, with who has shared dressing room in the Brazilian team. The Real Madrid left-back sent the following message via Twitter: "When do you come to Madrid? We're together brother". Casemiro answered a few minutes later: "I am now embarking. We're together forever, brother."

Casemiro is a box to box midfielder. He is 1.84 meters tall and is one of the players who has stood out in recent years in the Brasileirao championship, along with Neymar and Lucas Moura. Playing for the Brazil Under-20 team achieved the world champion two years ago in Colombia.

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