Real Madrid has problems on the left side

Jose Mourinho does not know what else to do to get a good performance from Fabio Coentrao and Marcelo. It has reached a point where both do not deserve to play for Real Madrid because their level is far below what is required to play for a top team of Europe.

Fabio Coentrao and Marcelo with the Real Madrid jersey
Fabio Coentrao and Marcelo

The coach's anger with the two left sides is huge. Coentrao and Marcelon did not play a minute in the Classic and Mourinho hoped that, between the two, can impose their football against Granada. They did not, what was a disappointment for the coach, who at the end of the match said: "I do not know why some players were tired if they did not play on Wednesday" he said in the press room at the stadium in Los Carmenes.

Fabio Coentrao was a starter. He played the first half of the match against Granada that the coach described as "horrible". The Portuguese side had no lungs to attack the right side of the opponent team. He is asked to accompany the team on the attacking moves, in a field zone where he has to associate with Cristiano Ronaldo. He must break from behind, find the second plays and unbalance. Impossible. He suffered in defense and did not participate in attack.

Mourinho corrected his movements repeatedly. He did so with overt gestures from the technical area, where stood many minutes of the game, and from which he talked Coentrao to play alongside the line to open the field and look up their options. He also gave Coentrao some orders, shouting, demanding to increase his performance level. It was not possible.

Mourinho got tired of Coentrao in the 65th minute and the Portuguese player was replaced by Marcelo. The coach wanted a revolution on the Real Madrid left side. The goal remained the same. Open the field because Granada team was already limited to defend around its goal area.

Marcelo neither helped his teammates nor found solutions. He demonstrated again that he lacks the magic that, in many games, has become him a striker. The Brazilian came out fresh in a time when the rival and his companions were worn. But he solved nothing. He is having problems for getting a good shape.

So Mourinho is thinking that the best option for the sides are Essien and Arbeloa, who shone in the last Classic. They might be chosen for the match against Manchester United on 13th February. We'll see.

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