Mourinho: "I do not know why there were some player tired because they rested last Wednesday"

Jose Mourinho appeared for the media after the league match against Granada. The Whites’ coach made no excuses for his team's defeat and praised their opponents: "I think the result is fair. There have been too many defeats. Granada did their job, they scored their goal. They defended in the second half with all of their heart and soul. They have a new coach, new players and had a great night of football here with Real Madrid in front of them. They did everything that they could to get this result. We should have scored a goal but because of the great effort that Granada made, I think that the three points have gone to the team that deserved them".

Mourinho at the bench in Granada

When asked about who was responsible for the defeat he was clear: "The buck stops with me. You lot always say that same thing. When we win and we play well then it happens on its own but when we don’t it is the coach’s responsibility. Today we lost and did not play well. Today it didn’t happen on its own, today I'm the one responsible".

Mourinho spoke about the result and was disappointed that his team could not go away from the Nuevo Los Carmenes with points: "The negative result is always the most important. We didn’t even manage a draw. That is what bothers me about the result, but the team’s first half performance bothers me a lot, it was horrible. In the second half we dominated and we had a chance to equalise but it was not enough to satisfy me".

Real Madrid came into the match having not had very much rest since playing against Barcelona on Wednesday. "There is one thing that has been clear for a long time and that is that there are teams that do not have any control over their schedules and the planning of the matches. Wednesday was an important match and tremendous physical effort for both teams but one plays today and the other tomorrow. But this team had to respond in a different manner. Some of the players who played today played on Wednesday and others didn’t. There are some of them who were tired because worked hard on Wednesday and there are others that I do not know why they were tired because they were on the bench or in the stands".

Mourinho spoke about the passage of play in which Di Maria went to ground: "I am not going to say much more. With an injured player, if the is team losing and there are only a few minutes left then, if the injury is not serious, the physios do not have to go on, he has to make a sacrifice and play on even if he is in pain".

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