Luka Modric: "The video of the hyenas is unacceptable. That is not journalism"

Luka Modric appeared for the media on the day before the league match against Sevilla at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Whites’ midfielder analysed the match against the Andalusian side: "Sevilla are a very good team and they are playing much better. I have a lot of respect for them. Since I’ve been playing for Real Madrid I’ve seen that every team gives as much as they can against us we have to do them same if we want to win. If we don’t, we’ll have problems. I expect a good match, the crowd will enjoy it and will be a good final test before the match against Manchester United. We are Real Madrid, we have to try to win every match and show what we are capable of".

Luka Modric at press conference in Real Madrid stadium
Luka Modric

The Croatian international also spoke about international commitments and the two days that they have had to prepare for the match against Sevilla: "Those of us that played for our countries last Wednesday have had two light training sessions and tonight we are going to prepare for the match and isolate ourselves as we do before every big match. We are trying to recover and be ready for the next match".

About his performances for the team, the Whites’ midfielder said: "I don’t like to give myself a mark out of ten, but I'm definitely not happy. In some matches I’ve shown my level and why I'm here, but I've also played less well in some matches. Everyone says that this league is very technical, but it also very physically demanding. I didn’t do the pre-season with the team and everything that happened in the summer has left its mark. I'm giving it everything and things are getting better. I know that I have the support of the squad and all of the coaches and that gives me peace of mind. The fans will be happy with me because I'm going to help the club to achieve success".

Modric also made clear his feelings about the future of his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo: "My conversations with Cristiano Ronaldo are private and my impression is that it is going to stay here because it is one of our best players and it would be a shame to lose him. He will stay because he is very happy here".

About Saturday's match in Granada, he said: "We did not play well, that is clear. In every match we want to do our best, give all we have, and we want to win. Sometimes we cannot do that because all of the teams that play against us give their best. We had a bad match, but we will show what we are capable of from tomorrow".

Regarding the video aired by the Catalan regional television station, insulting Whites’ players and comparing them to hyenas, he said: "I do not know what their intentions were. I've seen it on TV and do not know what to say because I have played in Croatia and England and I have never seen anything like it. That has nothing to do with journalism and a lot less to do with football. Making videos like that and talking badly about Real Madrid’s players is not right, is not acceptable and is a bad example for youngsters. I have not spoken about it in the dressing room. Maybe some did, but I have not spoken about it, but I’ve never seen anything like it".

When asked about the rivalry with Barcelona, the scheduling of upcoming Classic in 'La Liga' and Rosell's words, with which he made clear that he likes one Real Madrid player in particular, he said: "At Real Madrid there are many players that Barcelona’s President would like to see at his club. The Clasico is incomparable, it is the best match in the world. They are very interesting matches that the fans of both clubs enjoy. I have not noticed anything unusual in the behaviour of Barcelona players. About the scheduling, I do not know anything, but if the club or the coach have said anything then it is because it could help us to get more rest before the match with Manchester United because that match and the cup match against Barcelona will decide our season. If we win those two matches we could have a successful season".

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