Cristiano Ronaldo's first own goal

Cristiano Ronaldo scored in Los Carmenes Stadium the first own goal in his career according to official statistics. He has played for Sporting Lisbon, had a long way through the Premier League playing for Manchester United and even in his years at Real Madrid, where he is playing from 2009-10 season, had not found misfortune. Nor in the national team of Portugal.

Cristiano sad after scoring his first own goal
Cristiano scored the first own goal of his career

But yesterday at Granada, Cristiano Ronaldo was placed in the first post to try to clear a rival corner kick but touched the ball towards Diego Lopez's goal who could not save the shot. Granada 1- Real Madrid 0.

It was not a good day for the Portuguese player, who played at low level and just approached the opposite goal a couple of times. In the first part missed some free-kicks. After the break a shot on goal saved by the Granada goalkeeper, Toño.

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