Benzema and Higuain: Neither dog nor cat

One day the dog and the cat another day. The formula to switch Higuain and Benzema in attack was one of the great successes of the great season Real Madrid had last year. Mourinho was able to create a battle for the goal between his two forwards which proved extremely profitable for the white team.

Higuain replaces Benzema in a Real Madrid match
Benzema and Higuain

Did not matter the striker who was at the starting lineup, the goal was more than assured. The two were very focused and were lethal in front of goal. The level reached was so spectacular that even Mourinho was encouraged to start with both together in the odd game. At the end of the season, the numbers said it all. Higuain and Benzema scored 26 goals and 32 respectively. They two achieved 58 many that together with those of Cristiano Ronaldo, converted to Real Madrid on a team virtually unstoppable.

But this season, they have not managed to catch up with last season. Suddenly, Mourinho has no dog nor cat. The formula that last year went so well, now it does not work. It seems that Higuain and Benzema are less comfortable with the idea of Mourinho to share the opportunities. It seems that in this way, no striker can reach the pace of the season.

And their numbers decrease. With more than half of the season already played, Higuain and Benzema have added 21 goals, 12 Benzema and 9 Higuain. A poor record so the team is taking its toll and is suffering the lack of effectiveness of its forwards that they demonstrated last year.

Benzema does not have continuity in his game. He has been at the level of last season in few games and against Granada was totally lost and blurred. In the other way, Higuain had an injury which has stopped him two months and has done him much harm. It has been a long break, in a delicate moment of the season and he is struggling to recover his best.

At this point last season, Karim Benzema had 18 goals in all competitions. This season has scored 12. Meanwhile, Higuain had another 18 goals. He has scored 9 so far. A difficult situation. Cristiano Ronaldo has had the responsibility of scoring in many times, a circumstance that has damaged Real Madrid when the Portuguese player has not scored. Especially in the Spanish League competition, where Real Madrid has been taken down from the title fight.

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