The new Real Madrid third kit jersey (2011-2012)

Adidas continues to work on the development of the three official jerseys of Real Madrid for next season. The big news is that the third kit of equipment will be copper colored. Both the jersey and pants. A radical change that will turn heads in all the Real Madrid fans.

Players, especially those who wear Adidas, have given the go ahead for this great new (this year the third kit is blue). In the club's history, Madrid has never played for copper, yes in red. It was in three matches in European competitions. Against Cardiff, Dynamo Kiev and PSV Eindhoven.

The third kit is only used by the team in European competitions. In national competitions (League and Spanish Cup) team usually uses the away kit (second kit) for the matches away from the Bernabeu Stadium.

Update: 08/11/2011

Real Madrid third kit jersey (2011-2012)

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