Mourinho: "The past does not play the match"

Jose Mourinho addressed the media the day prior to the UCL Last 16 second leg against Olympique Lyon. "The past does not play the game. My Champions League baggage is not in my favour, and neither is Real Madrid's bad run in recent years against them. Champions League games are unique and each has its own history. The tie is open. We may have a slight advantage because we currently have the lead, but it's minimal. Tomorrow's match will be the decider, not the team's history in the championship."

Mourinho in press conference

"Real Madrid have nine European Cup titles and don't need any more to be the champs of all European champions, but they still want to win more. Mourinho is one of three coaches who have won the title with two different teams, but he wants a third. You can't disregard history."

"I have a clear idea of what I want for the game and I've drawn out a game plan. If Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't play in the end, we will lose a phenomenal player, but we have a proper team, and it is as a team that we've reached this far. We will play to finish at least 0-0 because it's enough to reach the next round. We expect Casillas to make a lot of saves. That's the analysis Aulas made, but I think he spoke as a coach rather than as a president. He may be right..."

"This is the first time Lyon play at the Bernabeu without an aggregate advantage. They've never lagged behind against us, so the game will be different this time around. We qualify with the current aggregate, which forces them to play in a different fashion. We will be defensive and wait for them to play their game."

"Lisandro is a great, dangerous and important player, but Lyon are more than just Lisandro. They are a very good and well organised team with a very good coach. We know how they play. We're ready for them.This is very exciting. The crowd must also play. I've been told the Bernabeu crowd plays with its team when the moment of truth arrives. Tomorrow is the moment of truth. Tomorrow, we will either be in the quarterfinals or out of the Champions League. It will be much better, and much more important, for us to feel their support."

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