Champions League (Last-16, 2nd Leg): Marcelo reactions

No matter that he leaves gaps for his side or does not defend. All offsets. His significance in attack reminds Roberto Carlos. He is not expected and creates many holes in opposing defenses. With the ball makes almost everything right, when dribbling, when he assists to a teammate. He opened the scoring with a remarkable goal that had everything. He linked with Xabi and Cristiano, sat a Lyon player in the area and Lloris could not get his shot. Gave the scare about the break but was able to finish the game.

Marcelo scored the first Real Madri goal against Lyon
Marcelo scored the first goal

"We are very happy with the victory. It's been a very important triumph for team and fans alike following tough seasons. We had a debt with Madrid fans and, thank God, we reached the next round. We are calmer now."

"We played like the coach asked us to and we played hard from the start. We're not thinking about which opponent we may face in the quarterfinals. We will try to win and thrill our supporters regardless of whom we face."

"I wish to express my support for Abidal and his family. Rivalry steps aside when things like this happen. What matters is that he recovers as soon as possible."

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