League (Day 28): Mourinho reactions


Jose Mourinho earned his 14th straight win in La Liga against Hercules and was very satisfied with the team's performance. "I'm happy with my team. Games preceding and following Champions League encounters are always difficult to play. We had to win tonight, and we did so in a relaxed manner. We moved the ball well in the second half."

Jose Mourinho thinks that Benzema is better every day
Jose Mourinho

"Benzema is better than ever. He is doing things he's never done before. We used to joke around with him, saying that he entered his box in defensive corners and controlled the ball in the near post. Benzema is happy and we are happy with him. It's good to have Karim in these games in which our top scorers, Ronaldo and Higuain, are out because he has lately scored four goals and allowed us to take six important points. I like it to be difficult for me to choose a player when they're all playing at such a high level."

"Our midfielders played very well and responded positively. Granero and Lass did well in the first half, and Xabi and Khedira performed at a high level in the second part. That bodes well for us before Wednesday's game."

"Lyon are a very good team with experience and tradition in the Champions League. We will have to be in optimum form for the clash. Every game you fail to win is a harsh blow, but you obviously can't win all the time and you must be eliminated from the Champions League at some point. I think we will play a difficult game against a difficult opponent. The key to me will be playing with a twelfth player. It would be much easier. If the Bernabeu responds we will have won much in advance and we will also be stronger."

"I haven't been able to read the President's speech because I never read or watch anything on a match day in order to stay focused. I've been told it was an important speech for the Club's future. A great club needs a great coach, but great coaches are only great if they are backed by a great club. It is very important to me to have the support of the President. I've always said I need the support of my players and of the Club. Real Madrid is the greatest club in the world and we will be much stronger if we all stand together."

"You build things with results. People are happy with results when they're good or when they at least think they will be good. This is what gets people excited and that's why it is important that we win something this year and also look like we may win something. This will allow us to keep people excited."

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