Champions League (Last-16, 2nd Leg): Mourinho reactions

Jose Mourinho was very satisfied with his team's performance against Olympique Lyon. "We're in the quarterfinals because we were better. Lyon are a great opponent, which adds merit to our victory. We played very well in attack and defence in both legs. I'm happy and I'm also quite relaxed because I think it's normal for us to be in the quarterfinals."

Mourinho talks to Benzema during the match agaisnt Lyon
Mourinho and Benzema

"Football is like life. You must live now because you never know if you'll live tomorrow. If we'd been eliminated tonight we wouldn't have reached the quarterfinals, so we had to take risks. Cristiano is mentally strong and he told me he was ready to play. Our fitness trainers said he could play. Our next game is around the corner, so he may not be able to play. Maybe he'll miss the start of it."

"We've achieved small challenges. If you win these stages, work hard and believe, titles eventually come your way. We do collective work that will make titles eventually come our way. We are on the right path and titles will come either this season or the next. My teams usually do better in their second season. Real Madrid will win titles eventually."

"I don't have any preferences regarding our next opponent, but I would like to avoid facing Inter Milan or Chelsea because it is emotionally difficult to face your own people. If it must be, then it must be. We are professionals, but I wouldn't like that."

"Regarding Abidal, these things go beyond rivalry. We all stand together for problems of this sort. I doesn't matter who he plays for, who he is or if you like him or not. We all want him to be well and to play again. Real Madrid simply expressed what everybody thinks."


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