Cristiano: Will make the final test today

Cristiano will be in cotton until the start of the match. The Portuguese finished yesterday training with a good feeling, but today he will make a final test (intense race and kicking ball exercises). Then, the doctors, the player and Mourinho will take the decision. A dozen days after working in double sessions, Cristiano is recovered from the muscle tear in the left hamstring, but has not met the deadlines set for return to work and to ensure that there will be no relapse. That's the risk.

However, Cristiano has decided. He wants to play and help the team pass to the quarter-finals seven years later. And he has told it Mourinho. With his return, the coach would play with the 4-2-3-1 system, with Benzema as striker and Adebayor on the bench. If the Portuguese falls, bet on the double nine.

Cristiano training at Valdebebas
Cristiano Ronaldo

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