Claude Puel prepares a plan to stop Karim Benzema

After the win against Sochaux (0-2), Olympique Lyon began working how to brake Real Madrid and the goalscorer Benzema. Claude Puel prepares an anti-Karim system for which he believes require the presence of Cris, the starter center defense of Lyon.

Claude Puel works hard with the Lyon players before the Real Madrid match
Claude Puel  (Lyon training)

The Brazilian trained normally yesterday and it seems that his tendinitis is forgotten. However, Puel was elusive: "We'll see his progress, but we should have the whole group". The truth is that for the Lyon coach, Cris alignment is important to stop Benzema who is "on fire". He shared for five years dressing room with the Real Madrid striker and knows his movements perfectly.

The other good news for Lyon was Gourcuff; dragging pain in the thumb nail of his right foot also trained at a high pace. In addition, Cissokho ran several minutes with a trainer. For now, nobody in the French club dares to ensure their participation on Wednesday, but the fact of running three days after suffering a left hamstring contracture is positive.

If Cissokho arrives on time, the Lyon defense would be the starter: Réveillère (right), Cris and Lovren (center) and Cissokho (left). With these parts the coach thinks about change the usual 4-3-3 system to a 4-2-3-1, with two defensive midfielders in field: Kallstrom and Toulalan. Thus, it would strengthen the preferred area of Benzema in order to sever his connections with the second line of Real Madrid. Toulalan said at a press conference the virtues of this compact system: "With the 4-2-3-1 we have more balance. And this is due to the intelligence of Källström. He is a player who knows when to stay back or when to go".

Asked how Toulalan viewed the new Madrid, the French praised Mourinho's work: "Last year, the center defenses were alone. Now we see that everyone does more to defend". He also revealed the plans for the Bernabeu: "We know that they will attack from the start. We must be strong and take back the spaces that they can leave".

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