Spanish League: Day 22


Long ago that Real Madrid did not enjoy such a placid evening, dedicated to the enjoyment and to allow its players to display their skills. Because that was the game, a contest of skills between Kaka, Cristiano and Özil, the inspired trio ate without difficulty a frightened Real Sociedad. Invaluable was the contribution of Xabi Alonso who once again got the ideas and set the pace. Adebayor, relentless in his pressure with his movements generated plenty of spaces and Casillas with decisive interventions. Kaka opened the way to victory, Cristiano completely cleared it with a new double and Adebayor put the final signature. Madrid is seven points behind Barcelona, but with a smile, life seems less tough.

The Bernabeu had fun and enjoyed a great version of his team which featured most friendly image of the year. Freed from the anguish that seemed to cause the Cup, showed a perfect attitude and sought victory with a decision and a determination that had not response in a timid Real Sociedad surpassed from start to finish that was struck without any pretense and consideration. As easy Mourinho saw the match that he gave the last ten minutes of the match, including extension, Canales, Özil substitute.

Kaka and Cristiano celebrate the first goal against Real Sociedad
Kaka's goal celebration

The abysmal gap between the two teams had favored the staging of men like Kaka, since starter he was submitted to the Bernabeu. Approved on a high note and not an exaggeration to say that perhaps he completed his best moments in white. Nor was hard to beautify what has been done so far. The Brazilian appeared as a playmaker in the middle, with Özil to his right and Cristiano to the left. Rotations also reached the defense where Garay ranked Albiol site, and the attack where Benzema regained his place on the bench and gave way to Adebayor. Time will tell if this latest move is a rotation or a trend. We shall soon find out.

Kaka needed only 30 seconds to warn of his intentions. The ripped was one that reminded best Kaka, from midfield to the edge of the area, from where he threw off target. He did not wasted the next time; took advantage of a poor clearance by Elustondo after Arbeloa center to beat with class and subtlety to Bravo. At the Real Madrid area, Casillas arranged with an incredible save his own mistake. It remembered, not as intensive, the save he did last season against Perotti.

Only eight minutes had been consumed and the Madrid walked downhill and Real Sociedad suffering uphill. Real Sociedad committed the mistake of letting think Xabi Alonso and also Lass grown up. With Xabi commanding and inspired is very difficult to not connect with his peers.

A combination between Kaka and Cristiano on the edge of the area while the opposing defenses watching them, was completed by the Portuguese with a precise shot that beat Bravo and reconciled him with the goal. The second goal of the Real Madrid was responded with a shot by Griezmann. It seemed Real Sociedad only played with a goal.

Real Sociedad had huge problems to play the ball from its area, a mission that seemed impossible for Martin Lasarte's teamplate. Much blame was Adebayor who ran miles to press the rival defense.

Madrid continued having fun and when committed the sin of relaxation, Casillas appeared to put things in place, as in a shot just before half by Tamudo. Earlier, Bravo prevented the third in a shot from Cristiano after a pass from Kaka but the Portuguese sign a new double with a beautiful header from a corner played by Özil.
What lay ahead was only know the extent of the damage. Real Madrid accumulated several scoring opportunities but Real Sociedad could save all. Even hid the punishment with a rebound goal 20 minutes from time; Casillas came to shine on Tamudo's shot but the ball ended up inside the goal after hitting on Arbeloa.

Earlier, Mourinho had already moved the bench. He allowed Kaka to enjoy the ovation at the Bernabeu to be replaced by Di Maria and rested Carvalho, replaced by Albiol. Near the end came the mentioned appearance of Canales and the match ended with the fourth goal of Madrid. Adebayor signed it, he received the ball and defined with the precision of a crack.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 76,000
Goals: 1-0, m.8: Kaká. 2-0, m.20: Cristiano Ronaldo. 3-0, m.42: Cristiano Ronaldo. 3-1, m.72: Arbeloa (o.g.). 4-1, m.89: Adebayor.

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