Mou: "We must now focus on League and European Cup"

Jose Mourinho talked about today's match against Real Sociedad, Cristiano Ronaldo and his future at the Club, amongst other things, in the press conference after training.

Mourinho during a training in Valdebebas
Jose Mourihno 

"We must forget about the Copa. It would be silly to think about it now. We will play the final when the time comes. We must now focus on La Liga and the Champions League".

"Real Sociedad are playing very well and we'll have to watch out because they happen to be one of my favourite teams. Our first leg encounter against them was complicated because they played very well against us, not because we played badly. They are a difficult team to beat".

"The favourite team to win La Liga is the side that leads the table, but we still have mathematical chances to win. We'll have to continue winning games and doing our job".

"We have the same chances to win the Champions League as the other 15 teams that remain in the competition. It is drawing nearer and we are preparing for it because we'll have to be in optimum form to play the knockout stage. It's as important for Real Madrid to breach the Last 16 barrier as it was for them to reach the Copa del Rey final. The moment of truth will arrive at the end of February when we play in the Champions League again. That competition is of special significance to us".

"I haven't so far seen a team as fit as us at the end of each game, but a team can be fit and also feel minor fatigue. We put pressure on ourselves. I want to win every game. I don't like it when we don't win and fail to play well. I don't care about the point difference between us and our main opponent".

"We are working and improving on a structural and functional level, heading in a direction I like very much. I believe this will help make the Club powerful from a sports viewpoint, and allow it to win titles once more. My decisions go hand in hand with the capacity I have to do my job the best way I possibly can, and I am currently happy with the situation I'm in".

"Cristiano has scored 32 goals this season. His numbers are truly dramatic, tallying one strike every two games, having an enormous amount of playing time... He only missed the Copa match against Levante, he's never been suspended or injured, he's even played sick... I believe the season would continue to be fantastic for him even if he didn't score any more goals. His daddy always defends him".

"Kaka feels very well, but some sensations are lost over time and need time to get back to you. Arbeloa takes football seriously. He is aware of his quality and of his small defects. He doesn't want to play beyond his possibilities. He never gives a 10/10 performance, but he also never earns a 6/10. Her always earns a 7, 8 or 9. I like the type of player he is very much".

"Benzema is doing much better. He didn't score in our last match, but the Bernabeu applauded his efforts nevertheless. This means the fans believe he is playing very well. His physical and psychological efforts in the game are very high. He always tries to help his team-mates and to score".


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