Jose Mourinho: Sky Italy Interview (2)

With Chelsea you won the Premiership after 50 years; with the Inter won the Champions League. Now, as coach of Madrid you have the obligation to overthrow the Barça and after the 5-0...
"In that game we did not see the ball. It finished 5-0 and if the match takes ten minutes more, they score six or seven. It is not a game to forget; We must remember it, a bit like the first match that Inter played last season against Barcelona. We lost 2-0 in the group stage of the Champions League and they could give us a 4-0. We did not forget. That game was the basis for preparing the semifinal against them. And I will do exactly the same with Real Madrid when we played with Barcelona".

Mourinho at Camp Nou stadium sad after the defeat 5 to 0
Jose Mourinho

That semifinal between Inter and Barca was a tactical masterwork by you.
"If I can choose, as a coach, a game from the point of view of the organization of my team, I will take the Nou Camp match. For many critics it was not a football game, but for me it was. It was almost a game of chess. In the field of Barcelona, playing with ten, we did an epic match, historical, absolutely incredible. At the end of that meeting we knew it was impossible not to win the Champions League, although the final was against Bayern".

In Italy you have left a great memory.
"Someday I will return".

After winning everything in two and a half years at Inter, the third becomes very particular ...
"Yes, when you reach the top, the third is always a special year. But in the Inter did not have that sense of fear for the seriousness of the players, their ambition and pride. I had no problem to continue with that team and win again. Now I read that team is happy with Leonardo, sure they can win again".

What player you have a special relationship with?
"My relationship with the players has always been very good. These are people who gave me all. I have no words. I could talk about Drogba but it would be unfair if I did not also about Lampard, Essien and John Terry. And the same goes for Maicon, Sneijder and Etoo. All my players deserves a golden ball".

What is your relationship with Moratti, Inter president?
"Fantastic. From the first day was very open. I remember we were in Paris, at his home, with his son Mauro and his wife. I told him jokingly: -If one day the president tells me who to play, I will do the suitcase and go directly to Malpensa airport- I said it jokingly, but I think he realized how I was. Moratti is a fantastic person, exceptional, friendly, open, a fan with the desire to win, with ambition and at the same time, honest and clean. All that a coach could want. One of the most exciting things for me was to understand the meaning of the title for the president and his family when we won the Champions League. I think for them was like going back to the past. Moratti is a great friend".

What is the Mourinho's dream?
"I dream of waking up in the morning happy, strong, health, joy. And to get to training, being with the family ... I want to stay in football many years, to keep winning. I will not stay for stay. My idea is to stay on top of European football over the next 10 or 15 years. Then I would have a different experience in America: New York Red Bulls, Los Angeles Galaxy, a house in Manhattan, one in Malibu. I'm on that idea".

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