League (Day 22): Kaka reactions

Kaka exhausted left the pitch
Kaka scored the first goal

We have seen that you felt better in the pitch. Is it important to be regaining confidence?
"I felt more comfortable, faster and more agile. I feel more confident. One always wants more when things work out. I'd like to have games like this more frequently in order to actively help the team".

Mourinho has introduced many innovations in the team and everyone has given up. It is important.
"Playing motivates players. We used many men who missed the last few games. It's important for the group to grow more confident and to score early and to sentence the game soon after that. It made the match easier for us. It was an important game for us because we maintain our 7-point distance with Barcelona".

Cristiano once again scored. Do you think that is overwhelmed when he does not get a goal?
"Cristiano gets angry when he makes a mistake or fails to score, but that's not to say he is anxious about it. He scored again tonight and his numbers are truly impressive".

What do you think about Adebayor?
"Adebayor is proving to be a great player who will help Real Madrid this season. He takess two goals in two games. It is a big plus".

You came out of the Bernabeu acclaimed ...
"It's good to come out well and the fans recognize the work".

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