Cristiano : "I've never seen a club as great as Real Madrid"

Cristiano Ronaldo talked shop and about his beginnings as a player on Spanish radio program

Cristiano during an interview in Cadena SER
Cristiano Ronaldo

"I've never seen a club as great as Real Madrid. It is impressive on all levels: in its greatness, in its fanbase, in its history... The reaction we get is incredible wherever we go."

"I'm used to dealing with unpleasant situations. I sometimes get bothered by things I hear or that people say to me, but they're part of my life. I'm still fighting. I only listen when they say 'This Portuguese player is very good.' I don't need people to annoy me in order to play well. I always try to give my best when I'm on the pitch and I try to help my team win with goals, passes, etc. I always try to be the best."

"Look at my legs and see how bruised they are. But that's normal. I'm used to being challenged. I try not to answer back. I get up and continue playing. I was kicked around the same way when I was a kid, and I got up and carried on because they were all bigger than me."

"In order to be successful you have to believe and feel you can become a footballer. If you work hard I'm sure you can achieve what you want. Everyone has one chance in their lives and they have to make good use of it. I started out when I was very young. I left my home when I was 12 years old and went to Lisbon from Madeira. It was difficult. I cried every day because it was the most complicated time in my life, but I had faith in myself and I wanted to achieve important things. I am grateful to my family for letting me go: if they hadn't I wouldn't be who I am today."

"I don't feel tired. I feel very well. I've felt even better in the last stretch of the championship. I think this is obvious on the pitch."

"We will win the Copa del Rey final and I will try to score."

"I was a good student, but starting out so young made it difficult to play and study at the same time. I like marketing and I wouldn't have minded becoming a PE teacher. I don't think about what I'll do when my career is over because I can still play at the highest level for seven or eight years."

"I'm not a football geek. I like to practice other sports, such as basketball and table tennis. I also like to study English so I don't forget how to speak it. I'm always curious and like to learn things. I consider myself to be a good person. I'm not false or hypocritical. I say things to one's face and I always try to behave correctly. I am very good to those who are good to me."

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