League (Day 22): Adebayor reactions

How have you felt after scoring your first goal in the league?
It was as nice as when I scored in Cup. It has also been at the Bernabeu and I feel very comfortable here.

Can Real Madrid finish tracing the advantage that has Barcelona?
Sure. With the support of the fans anything is possible. We are fighting to keep that dream alive and playing games like today, we are succeeding.

Seems you have adapted very quickly. Is your future in Madrid after these six months?
I have come to play football but in principle it is for that period of time. I want to enjoy and I'm getting it in Madrid. It is the best team in the world. So, am I going to want to stay here? I am very well and very motivated.

Do you feel well with your team-mates and coach?
Yes, the truth is that Mou is a great coach. We attack and defend well as a team. That's something I like. The teamplate have welcomed me like family. Some call me Manu, other Adi and others do not call me (laughs). But I'm fine with everyone and at the Bernabeu I am very comfortable.

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