Real Madrid is the richest club in football world

Real Madrid tops the list of world's richest clubs. An annual survey of football finances, which makes every year the British company Deloitte, reveals that the white club earned the most revenue until June 30, 2010. Its nearly 440 million euros place Real Madrid as the richest club in the world. Thus, the club repeated number one for the sixth consecutive season.

The second in the list published by Deloitte is Barcelona which grew nearly 10 percent to get almost 400 million euros. Despite that won the Spanish Super-League and League, FC Barcelona had a lower increase than rival, as Real Madrid won a 20 percent growth over the previous season.

The report also listed the 20 richest clubs in Europe, among which are Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Chelsea, Milan, Liverpool, Inter, Juventus, Manchester City, Tottenham, Hamburg, Olympique Lyon, Olympique Marseille, Schalke 04, Atletico Madrid, Rome, Stuttgart and Aston Villa. The sum of all their revenues reached 4,000 million euros.

Of the 20 teams in the old continent to complete the list of Deloitte is one to stand out in terms of growth. Manchester City went from the twentieth to ninth position due to an increase in revenue of more than 40 percent. About 155 million euros has billed the 'Citizen' team.

The Premier League place on the list seven teams, four Italian Serie A, four the Bundesliga, three Spanish league and two French league.

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