Spanish Cup: Semifinals (1st Leg)


The match filled a video library; from the paintings of war with the stimulating effect on the eve to the launch of bottles against Casillas at the end, the fabulous play of the goal from Benzema and the most controversy action, the ‘ghost goal’ of Luis Fabiano. But the final assembly portrayed that Real Madrid was better, with more football and poise, and Sevilla drew little benefit from its warrior burning.

Cristiano, Özil, Palop and Alexis fighting for a ball
Real Madrid defeated Sevilla 0-1

Mourinho lined up Lass instead of Di Maria to level his team's chances against Sevilla's physical strength in midfield. Real Madrid kept Zokora and Romaric in check, and smothered Kanoute. Sevilla had the initiative at the start, but the Madridistas soon pulled rank and started to control the game.

And on 17 minutes appeared Benzema who knows no winter or summer. Play with the same emotion, little, in Ecuador and at the North Pole. And that frozen blood helps him in games like yesterday, in which the public really softens the mood of all but not his. His goal came out of nowhere, a single one-two with Özil in the right wing. The Frenchman raced, eliminated Alexis with a braking, and dribbled Escudé to finish with a left shot. That wonder signed with Adebayor resting at a hotel in Madrid unhooked Sevilla fans, the beginning of the end.

Sevilla started to feel the pressure of losing the match and played a hasty game. Mourinho's men showcased impeccable tactical discipline and hardly suffered in defense. The two midfielders band of Sevilla, Navas and Perotti, did not appear. The first is a world away from his best version. Arbeloa took two plays to take the measure and let him in nothing. Argentina's player never surpassed Sergio Ramos, unbeatable yesterday as lateral. Ramos felt at home. Luis Fabiano entered and left the match and Kanoute was rarely there.

Then, when Real Madrid was trying to sleep the match, during injury time, Luis Fabiano defeated Casillas and shot on target, but the ball was cleared in extremis by Albiol just on the goal-line (46'). The referee decided not to allow the strike despite Sevillas' protests. Truth be told, analyzing the shot from every angle does not help to clear if the ball went in or not.

Thanks to the ‘ghost goal’ Sevilla reminded the previous stimulus and the game had more spines and fewer solutions. They hit more than it suited them and a Real Madrid wiser used the open spaces left by the locals, especially since the entry of Di Maria and Marcelo, for lethal counterattacks through Carvalho (from a header) and Cristiano Ronaldo. The latter defeated Palop in a one-on-one, but the ball stayed behind him as he moved forward. Then, Özil was a little too confident as he tried to kick it into the goal because Alexis had enough time to clear his shot practically on the goal-line (79').

Sadly, as soon as the match ended, someone from the crowd threw a plastic bottle on the pitch and hit Casillas. The goalkeeper fell on the ground and had to be attended. Fortunately, nothing serious happened, but this should not go unpunished. It was a disgraceful end to a good match.


Stadium: Sánchez Pizjuán
Attendance: 40,000
Goals: 0-1, M.17: Benzema.

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