Cup Semifinals (1st Leg): Cristiano Ronaldo reactions


Cristiano Ronaldo before a freekick shot against Sevilla
Cristiano Ronaldo
How was the match?
We knew it would be complicated, but the team has been good and we scored a goal. Now we play at home and have a good lead, but not definitive.

Was a nice game?
There have been many fouls, long stopped. I am sure the fans did not like the match. I do not like it, was ugly. The arbitration was good.

What about the video that Sevilla made in Portuguese language?
Very good, it motivated us a lot.

Have you seen the bottles throw at Casillas?
I have not seen that. Has he been assaulted? Well I think it is wrong. It's a shame.

Is the tie was resolved with the 0-1?
We could score more than one goal, I could do it, but a 0-1 result is fine too. They should continue to face painting things because it motivates us a lot.

What about Adebayor?
I like, I think he is a very good player.

It seems more likely that the final will be Real Madrid-Barça. Do you have desire for revenge?
Certainly, it is going to be Real Madrid-Barcelona. We will win at home and go to the final. The two best teams in Spain have to be in the final. We're not going to want revenge, it will be nice.

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