Aitor Karanka: "Sevilla is heating up the match"

Aitor Karanka at press conference
Aitor Karanka

Aitor Karanka explained why he replaced Mourinho in the news conference before the match of Sevilla. He was clear; the order is to cool the atmosphere because the white club has not liked anything the announcement by the Sevilla, where there are multiple players with war paint, and a phrase in Portuguese, dedicated to Mourinho: "The coach does not want to participate what is being said. Nobody likes to be told so many things. He does not like being punished for out to defend the club. He wants to search normalcy and club has decided I talk to you. We do not want to feed more what is arriving from Sevilla. Here, anything that says the coach serves to punish him and, if you look objectively, are objective things".

There is outrage among the coaching staff at Real Madrid: "Sevilla has warmed up the game. The TV spot with war face painting and a comment in Portuguese is to heat the meeting. The Committees will have to see if it is punishable or not, as has been done with Mourinho .We are in the semis and just want to play a game. We look forward to reach the final".

Players will also envelop coach, as recognized Karanka: "The teamplate knows the coach it has and if anything we have, is that we are all stuck in the same boat. We are supporting Mourinho. We know it will be a tough match. It is a semifinal and Sevilla have caught the measure to this competition, but we will not go to a war".

The assistant coach said that Mourinho is happy in Madrid and has fully charged batteries: "I'm with him every day and every day I see him more comfortable, wanting to win and very excited to reach Cup final. He's delighted to be here and get the targets".

About a possible ban on Valdano to keep out the dressing room, he was clear: "I cannot answer. If there is anyone who cannot ban Valdano, it is me. What we all are trying is that the relationship with the club was good and the entire club rowing in the same direction".

Believes that there are no players who are tired: "When you make a template, you think you're going to use all of them, but there have been long and untimely injuries. The lack of time to train led to seek proper training and it has been working. At no time team is feeling tired and I'm sure we'll play all the competitions until the end and whoever plays, will do well"

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