Preview: Real Madrid vs Mallorca

From now on, every game is related to the previous one and is connected to the next. While the hangover of the derby still not turned off , Real Madrid receives Mallorca which has spent the week preparing for the meeting. And the appointment to the host comes four days before the Cup semi-final in Sevilla, nothing less. Effort that will add to the above and that will connect with those who are to come, more terrible. To put it bluntly: if Madrid is not metered, will burst.

Cristiano Ronaldo faces two Mallorca defenders

Under these conditions, the alignment of today will be very significant as it will reveal the coach's thinking about it. In beginning, anything suggests more fundamental changes that next; Benzema is expected to return to the eleven (now or ever), Gago will relieve the injured Khedira and the defense will reset by the return of Marcelo to the side. Just that. Di Maria and Özil, to quote the most exhausted and the most fragile (and poet) will continue to add minutes and efforts. No objection, except fear. If Mourinho does not move the bench against Real Mallorca at the Bernabeu, it is impossible to imagine that he will do it.

The position of the visitor became known at Laudrup press conference. To punctuate spaces should be reduced to the Madrid attackers, Mallorca should pressure Xabi Alonso and do all that for 90 minutes. And besides, playing without complexes. It is a complicated task for an expedition with nine players who have never set foot in the Bernabeu.

There will be recalled that Mallorca, three points of difference European places, is presented after being thrashed by Atletico (3-0). But the data could lead to false conclusions. In the first round, the team tied 0-0 with the Real Madrid and 1-1 in the Camp Nou which shows what rivals inspire Laudrup

Without De Guzman (suspended) and Marti (injured) Tejera and Brazilian Joao Victor will take command of Mallorca. The latter was recommended by Rivaldo to Serra Ferrer (Mallorca Geneal Manager) like Ratinho, starter by the absence of Cendrós.

One thing is certain: today there will be enthusiasm, talent and a few pairs of tired legs.

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