League (Day 20): Players reactions


Sergio Ramos excited after victory against Mallorca
Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos highlighted the importance of the three points earned against Real Mallorca over bad game shown: "We didn't play our best football, but we took three vital points at home, where we cannot afford to fail. The lineup changed tonight, but the coach knows his men and when to use a rotation system. It's been a long time since we last reached the Spanish Cup semifinals and we will try to reach the final".

Sergio Ramos showed his joy that the author of the winning goal against Real Mallorca is marked by the Frenchman Karim Benzema and said he needs the support of peers: "I am glad for Benzema. He needs our support. We hope that the goal will motivate him to continue to grow as a footballer, because I think he has a tremendous illusion". 


Iker Casillas recognizes Mallorca put white team in difficulties: "It's a good team and we all know that at the Bernabeu they coming to complicate us but I think we moved the ball well but we had some layoffs".

"I believe we've been doing well in January so far, save for our draw against Almeria. We've given excellent home performances, such as in our match against Villarreal, and away, like in our clash in Getafe. We have to play many games this month and it isn't easy to withstand having to perform every Wednesday and Sunday. Our opponents at the Bernabeu give 150%, but it's something we have to get used to. We try to do our best in every game".

"This is a new team, with a new coach and a very young squad; and it's been subjected to the highest demands from the very start. We have to be at the top, fighting to win three titles. I believe we are doing an excellent job in the Champions League and in the Copa, and playing rather well in La Liga".

"We look to protect Karim. He will make all the front pages and news reports tomorrow. We all appreciate him because he is a noble person who wouldn't even hurt a fly. We should all just talk about football. Benzema is another player on the squad and he scored a lovely goal tonight. It will do him a world of good. He should be left alone to do his job. A lot has been asked of him since he arrived. He is very young and has to take things slowly".

The match against Sevilla promises to be hard: "Our match against Sevilla will be difficult. Their fans are very supportive and put a lot of pressure on opponents. Sevilla are a very good team, but they aren't doing as well as people thought they would in La Liga. The semifinals will be very exciting. We have to try to score a goal in Sevilla".


Marcelo concentrated during a match
Marcelo thinks the match against Mallorca is part of the past. The left defense is fully focused on Wednesday's semifinal against Sevilla: "We didn't play at a great level, but the most important thing is we took three points. Our match in Sevilla will also be difficult and we must now rest and concentrate on it. We will have to regard that game as a final in order to earn a good result".

About Karim Benzema: "We have a lot of faith in Benzema and we are very happy with his goal, which allowed us to win." 


"What we all want is to win games. We didn't play well tonight, but we won, which is what matters. We all concentrate hard to win our games. No Real Madrid player feels tired and I also think Mourinho is in good form. We must respect Sevilla on Wednesday. We will have to play at our usual level to win and reach the final".

"I am very happy for Benzema. His goal was important because it made him happy and gave us three points".

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