The other match. Mourinho vs Valdano

Mou does not want the presence of Valdano neither in locker rooms nor in Valdebebas. 

Mourinho and Valdano talking about a training
Mourinho and Valdano

Mourinho continues to put pressure on relations with Jorge Valdano. On Sunday, he threw a dart at Valdano saying: "I just reported to Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez" He has now gone further. Apparently he has prohibited that Jorge Valdano goes down to the locker room before and after games. It was a Valdano’s practice since being in the club. On Sunday some player saw him in the hallways, but not in the locker room.

Mourinho neither wants Valdano goes to Valdebebas training. The general director was just going to the Sports City at the start of the season and at peak times, but now the Portuguese has forbidden it. Pardeza, the manager, is moving to Valdebebas to know how the template is.

On this occasion Florentino Perez has a problem. Mourinho has told his players that if he stays in June, Valdano is the one that would leave the club. If Valdano does not leave, he will not stay in any case. It is a full-fledged defiance that Mourinho has thrown to the president and the president will have to resolve upon termination of the official competition.

Florentino supported the figure of the general director on 20 December: "Valdano represents the club's image as best as possible" That was not enough; the tension has increased and is a front to solve. Valdano said Wednesday that he had "zero problems with Mourinh". The Portuguese does not feel the same

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