Xabi Alonso: "We are and must be a team"

Xabi Alonso is one of the most important men in the Real Madrid dressing room and one of the most handsome players in Spanish football, so he will be the cover of Vanity Fair (Spanish Edition, March). It will go on sale this Friday, although part of the interview has already been advanced.

Xabi Alonso (Vanity Fair cover, Spanish Edition)
Xabi Alonso (Vanity Fair cover, Spanish Edition)

In it, the player shows his more personal side, but also reflects on how he sees the sport situation of Real Madrid. So, Xabi Alonso notes: "The squad is not divided as some say. It's something we can not be denying all the time." Furthermore, he admits that "this year is harder because we are losing more than usual" and about Mourinho says that "it is very good when it comes to empathize with the players. He has always lived with the criticism."

Also, he does not hesitate to dispel rumors of bad blood between Iker and the coach: "They are not friends but have a good working relationship" and leaves a message for anyone who wants to hear it: "I hate the people cheating. I try not to do theater. I hate when I see a teammate cheating the referee"

About his family, the world champion talks about Nagore Aramburu his wife and says that "She is the woman of my life with who I'm creating with my family. We live very important things together." He says that "I'm trying to be a good father (has two children). My children are my greatest responsibility. It's not something that has key book. I spend a lot of time outside and it is hard for my wife being the one that takes care of them."

Xabi Alonso continues his set-up for the two crucial matches in the Spanish Cup and Champions League: "I do not set deadlines. I wish I can be playing in Barcelona, but I have no answer yet." About the clash at Old Trafford, he said: "Manchester United is a challenge. The team scoring first, will have many options."

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