Karim Benzema: A matter of weight

Karim Benzema is not the same as he was last year. The French striker seems like that irrelevant player who joined Real Madrid two years ago, in his first season at Real Madrid and the start of the second, when Mourinho talked about him like a cat. All a matter of body weight, as many suggest. Spanish media impinges on the subject, ensuring that Karim has regained the kilos lost with his weight loss plan about a year ago.

Benzema does not reach a ball
Karim Benzema

Because last season, Karim Benzema was another. French striker socred the goals with ease, occupied the free spaces as a top playmaker and reached all the balls. However, this season seems to have regained the bad habits of his first months in the capital of Spain. Although it seems a matter of attitude, the truth is that the weight of the front could have greatly influenced on his poor performance so far this season, both for his slowness and his self-esteem.

Apparently, the doctors recommended Benzema to leave his weight loss plan. The French had lost about four kilos, but could not keep this diet because it could be harmful to his health. With the freedom to eat, the overweight came, an evil that has affected his teammates Higuain and Marcelo.

And is that Real Madrid needs all its players in top form, so, although Mourinho had decreed day off for his players, several members of the squad and the coach himself gathered yesterday at Valdebebas to continue working towards the next team commitments. Real Madrid does not stop on days off and Higuain alongside Marcelo worked flat out to regain a good shape. After leaving from injuries, they have to leave the overweight.

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