Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo: Summit in May

Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez will meet at the end of the season, in May, to try to break the deadlock of the renewal of the Portuguese player, now stopped. The club still has not made any offer to Cristiano because the president will wait for the end of competitions to try to convince the striker.

Cristiano Ronaldo on the post
Cristiano Ronaldo

For now, Jorge Mendes has already informed the president about Cristiano's approval to hold a meeting. This is considered an important step forward by the player, because until a few weeks ago, Cristiano Ronaldo's idea was to fulfill his contract until 2015 and then go free.

In fact, Cristiano himself told the president last September 1 his intention to leave the club. That day, he was very disappointed with his treatment by Florentino Perez and now wants to hear personally from the president's mouth that he is considered the cornerstone of the future of Real Madrid.

The Cristiano's environment, specifically his agent Jorge Mendes, is having a great importance in convincing the player to listen and appreciate the offer of renewal Real Madrid will offer him. Precisely, the agent may be the base point for settling their differences. But, even more than the advice of his agent, Cristiano Ronaldo values ​​very positively that his situation within the club has changed a lot.

Especially significant for Cristiano is the support and love he is receiving from the Santiago Bernabeu fans. The communion between fans and the player is full right now. Not surprisingly, what were whistles, when he failed a play action, in recent matches have become support, chanting his name.

But not only the fans, also the teammates have surrendered to Cristiano. His colleagues have recognized his leadership and his opinions are increasingly important within the group. Even this season he served as team captain of Real Madrid in the match played at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium against Real Sociedad.

Another detail that Cristiano has thanked, was the presence of Florentino Perez at the Golden Ball Gala, held on January 7 in Zurich. The president wanted to support the player because what happened at the UEFA Gala (August 30) should not be repeated. That day, Cristiano traveled to Monaco only accompanied by Pedro Lopez (Vice-President) and Emilio Butragueño, while Messi and Iniesta arrived backed by a large entourage led by President Sandro Rosell. The player felt slighted by Florentino that together with the response he received from the president when he came to his office two days later to tell about his "sadness" and his desire to leave Madrid ("If you want to go, bring us money for signing Messi"), led to the present distance.

Florentino Perez is aware that the renewal of Cristiano is a fundamental issue. He knows the striker is the undisputed bastion of Real Madrid and 2013 is an election year. Therefore, his best support for elections over any transfer, would announce the renewal of Cristiano Ronaldo because there is no player in the market that can excite the fans more than the Portuguese star. But Florentino will have to convince him, not only with money but also with love, because as Cristiano is tired of saying ("I swear on my son that my sadness is not about money "), a possible renewal with Real Madrid does not depend on economic issues.

However, Cristiano came to Madrid in 2009 being the highest paid player in the world, along with Kaka, and right now is not in the top five. So the club will have to make a financial effort to reward his great athletic performance. If after this meeting between Florentino and Cristiano, they will not reach an agreement, then the president will have to decide: transfer the player or enjoy him for two more seasons and then leave him free in 2015.

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