Cristiano Ronaldo's book: The Tenacious Star

Cristiano Ronaldo is the star of the seventh book of the sports collection of the publisher 'Al Poste. The book, written by Santiago Siguero, shows the career and the human side of the Real Madrid star, from his early street games in Madeira to his dazzling records in the white club.

Cover of the Cristiano Ronaldo book. The tenacious star
Cristiano Ronaldo: The tenacious star

'Cristiano Ronaldo: The tenacious star' (La Estrella Tenaz) reviews the Portuguese international player's career. This is the first work that sets out in detail his three and a half seasons at Real Madrid, club he joined in the summer of 2009. He was only 24, but already had the backing of a broad career. Not only at Manchester United, where Sir Alex Ferguson 'polished' him to become the best player in the world (Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player in 2008), but also at Sporting Lisbon and at the youth teams of the Portugal national squad, up to his debut with the senior team in 2004.

The book is number seven of the 'Al Poste' collection and, in addition, is divided into seven chapters. The 7 is the fetish dorsal of Cristiano Ronaldo, the number that Ferguson awarded him in 2003, after selling David Beckham to Real Madrid. To replace Becks was only one of the tests that Cristiano Ronaldo has had to overcome throughout his life to reach his current status, a star of football world.

In 2005, his father died of liver disease just 24 hours before Cristiano had to play a World Cup qualifier against Russia. He overcame this predicament, as years earlier had overcome the homesick while trying to progress through the ranks at Sporting Lisbon. The book also tells how, still in Portugal and too thin to face other kids on his age, visited the gym at odd hours and trained with weights tied to his ankles to gain strength and speed.

Despite his innate talent, Cristiano Ronaldo has been refined based on overtime work in Alcochete, Carrington or Valdebebas Sport City, to become one of the most complete attacking footballers of the history. The book's subtitle, 'The Tenacious Star', attempts to reflect his obsession with detail.

In addition to his career, his skills, his titles and numbers, the book looks at other facets of his life, as the power of his image in commercial side or the presence in the rankings of celebrities, in which he appears as one of the most outstanding athletes of the planet. The foreword of the book, on sale since yesterday, is the work of Pepe, his teammate at Real Madrid and Portugal team. "For me, football is Cristiano. The best." he says.

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