Real Madrid: Ten precedents to dream about the comeback

Real Madrid has in its history ten previous matches in which has won by two goals or more against Barcelona in its own stadium. In the Camp Nou (seven times between 1958 and 2002) and Les Corts (three times between 1930 and 1942). There are ten games with which the Real Madrid can dream about the comeback of Mourinho's team. Of these ten wins, four were by 0-2, a result that would allow Real Madrid to go into overtime. With the score of the other six wins, white team would qualify for the Champions League final at Wembley.

Zidane scored against Barcelona at Camp Nou
UEFA Champions League 2002. Zidane's goal against FC Barcelona

April 23, 2002 it is the closest precedent, also in the Champions League semifinals. In this case, first leg was played at Camp Nou, where Madrid won 0-2 with goals by Zidane and McManaman. The previous precedent was 31 years ago. Team was coached by Boskov and won with goals from García Hernández and Santillana. A great defense with the work of Garcia Remon, San Jose, Pirri, Camacho, Benito, and Del Bosque allowed whites stay unbeaten.

The biggest away win was on January 27, 1963 (1-5) in a Spanish League match, with goals from Di Stefano, Gento and Puskas (hat-trick). Although three years before Real Madrid managed to get five goals in Barcelona (3-5), with goals from Del Sol, DiStefano (2) and Gento (2).

Real Madrid have managed to score 31 goals in Barcelona in ten games to get an advantage equal to or greater than two goals. The top scorer in this series of triumphs of the white team in Barcelona is Puskas, with six goals, followed by Gento (5), DiStefano (3), Del Sol, Alday and Rubio (2), and Garcia Hernandez, Rial, Marsal, Lazcanoand Lopez (1). Especially in the 60's, the Real Madrid showed its superiority in the Camp Nou winning three consecutive years between 1960 and 1963 (3-5, 0-2 and 1-5).

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